a) Teaching Assistants (TAs)

  1. Where there are more TA positions available in a Department or College than there are eligible graduate students under 13.05 a) and b) in that Department or College, the University will post notice of the availability of all TA position(s) in the Department or College for no less than seven (7) days.
  2. The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to post all TA positions in a Department or College at the same time.  Where identical positions are available, a single posting indicating the number of identical positions is sufficient. Positions shall be posted as early as possible in the academic term prior to the term of employment, but in no case shall the postings be later than twenty-one (21) days before the beginning of the academic term.  Exceptions to this shall follow the provisions outlined in Article 14.05.

b)   Research Assistants (RAs) and Student Assistants (SAs)

  1. RA positions offered by a student’s academic supervisor or any member of the student’s advisory committee are not required to be posted. 
  2. A RA or SA assignment totaling twenty (20) hours or less needs not be posted, but Article 14.06 and 14.07 shall apply.
  3. All other RA and SA positions shall be posted for at least seven (7) days.
  4. Where identical positions are available, a single posting indicating the number of identical positions is sufficient. 


All postings shall be made on the University employment opportunities website. Each department or college may display its own postings on its own bulletin boards or in another place designated for that purpose. The Employer shall provide a weekly report to the Union on all job postings for positions in the bargaining unit.


The posting shall contain a brief description of the duties, the supervisor (if known), the skills and abilities required, the rate of pay, the required number of hours, the duration of the employment and to whom the application must be submitted.


a) All postings where registration in a graduate program is a requirement for appointment, shall indicate the position will be in-scope of PSAC.

b) All other postings shall note: “Where a graduate student is appointed to this position, it will be in-scope of PSAC”


The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to meet the posting timeline as per 14.01.  Where, for urgent or other bona fide reasons, it is not possible respect the timelines identified in clause 14.01, every reasonable effort shall be made to post the position(s) for a shortened period.  Where a shortened posting process is not possible, the posting period shall be waived.  In either circumstance above, the Employer shall inform the Union of the rationale for the shortened period or the waiver. The Employer may fill such positions without posting but will make reasonable efforts to follow the appointment procedure.


Candidates who decline an offer of appointment shall not prejudice an employee’s future appointment opportunities in any way.


Letters of Offer

All successful candidates shall receive a letter of offer that shall contain, as a minimum, the following information: course (if applicable), general location of work, duration of employment including total hours of employment, name of Supervisor (if known), rate of pay, average hours of work per day and/or week and a general outline of duties and responsibilities.