The maximum number of hours of TA work for any employee, regardless of the number of appointments held, is no more than an average of twelve (12) hours per week. Notwithstanding the preceding, such hours of work may be exceeded due to an amended contract pursuant to Article 15.08.


In no case shall the employee work more than twenty (20) hours in any given week, unless mutually agreed, or if unusual, or emergency circumstances arise. Unusual circumstances that are reasonably foreseeable must be set out in the Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours form (Appendix B).


Employees shall not be required to work more hours than the total stipulated in their letter of offer without their consent.  Any additional hours agreed to shall be recorded as per Article 15.08.


All assigned duties of an employee shall be included in the calculation of time involved in an assignment.


All Employer-required training or job-specific training which the Employer both agrees that the Employee requires and that the Employee shall be compensated for, shall be paid at the employee’s regular rate of pay. Time for such paid training must be within the employee’s allotted hours.


After the employee has accepted an appointment and been assigned to his or her employment Supervisor, the Supervisor or designate shall meet with the employee, and shall review the letter of offer and assigned duties and complete the appropriate Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours form (Appendix B).


If at any time the employee has concerns that he or she will not be able to complete the assigned duties within the allocated hours, the employee is encouraged to discuss these concerns with the supervisor. Additionally, the employee may submit a request, in writing, to amend his/her Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours form (Appendix B) to the supervisor.


When a written request is received under 15.07, the supervisor shall provide a response to the employee, in writing, with a copy provided to the department head or dean.   This response shall be provided within five (5) working days of receiving such request, other than in exceptional circumstances. 

In cases where it is necessary to amend the number of hours or assigned duties of the appointment, the employee and employer shall amend Appendix B.

An employee may be accompanied by a representative of the Union at any meeting convened to discuss the employee’s request to amend Appendix B.


If additional hours are agreed to pursuant to Article 15.08, the hours shall be compensated at the employee’s hourly rate of pay 


The University agrees that no employee who has signed his/her letter of offer for a position will have her total number of hours reduced during the duration of that appointment.