Immigration and Relocation

  • Foreign workers must obtain authorization to work in Canada in the form of a work permit.  A copy of this must be provided to the department and Human Resources before employment can begin.
  • Incurred expenses in relocating you and your family members may be covered for some employees.  The offer of employment will indicate if an employee is eligible for reimbursement of relocation expenses.
Housing Assistance
  • Housing Assistance may be available when purchasing a new home for an employee's personal use.  The offer of employment will indicate if an employee is eligible for this assistance.

Spouse/Partner Career Program

The intent of this program is to assist the spouse/partner in their search for non-academic employment, either at the University or elsewhere in Saskatoon. Saskatoon. The services of this program include orientation to the Saskatoon job market and providing information on job search strategies that work in Saskatoon.  

Eligibility for this program is based on the following:

  • The job seeker must be the spouse/partner of a newly hired and recently relocated (within the last 12 months) faculty member or senior administrator at the University of Saskatchewan.
  • The spouse/partner career program does not guarantee employment.
  • The spouse/partner must be actively engaged in their search for employment.
  • The spouse/partner must notify the recruitment specialist when they have successfully found employment.
  • The spouse/partner has access to this program for one year after relocating to Saskatoon or whenever the spouse/partner has found employment; whichever comes first.
  • Employment found through this program is meant to bridge a gap in employment for the spouse/partner. Once employment is found, even if the position is a term appointment, the spouse/partner no longer has access to this program.
  • If applying for positions at the University of Saskatchewan, the University continues the expectation that only qualified candidates will be considered for open positions and that the spouse/partner must be successful throughout all interview processes.
  • If applying for positions at the University of Saskatchewan, the University’s employment equity and diversity goals will not be compromised as a result of the spouse/partner career program; and the program will not be used to bypass existing hiring procedures or Collective Bargaining Agreement requirements.
  • The spouse/partner career program will continue to support the strategic directions of the University.

Real Estate and Renting

The University of Saskatchewan has positions located in various places within and outside the province. The university recommends using a reputable realtor when searching for your new home.