Before any layoff action is taken, the University shall advise the Association of the action.

The affected member(s) shall be given written notice of layoff. The University will forward a copy of the layoff notice to the Association.

No permanent or seasonal member will be laid off as a result of anyone outside the bargaining unit performing a majority of the duties of the laid off member or another member being assigned the majority of the duties of the laid off member.

16.1 Notice and Severance

In the event of a layoff, a meeting will be held for such purpose with the Association and Human Resources in attendance. The Academic/Administrative Leader will provide written notice to the member, with a copy to the Association and, Human Resources indicating the effective date of the layoff.

If working notice is not given, the member shall receive pay in lieu of notice.

In the event a member is not present at the scheduled meeting, the written notice will be mailed to the member’s last known address and the Association shall receive a copy.

Members with permanent or seasonal status are entitled to notice and severance equivalent to one (1) month per year of service to a combined maximum of twenty four (24) months, based on completed years of continuous service. Notice and severance shall be paid in lump sum at the current monthly salary at the time of layoff.

Normally, any employee who is provided with pay in lieu of notice or severance shall not hold another appointment at the University until the end of the time frame equivalent to the notice and severance period.

Where an employee re-commences employment within the university prior to the equivalent of the notice and severance period, a repayment of the remaining monthly equivalent will be required before employment can re-commence.

Upon payment of notice and severance pursuant to this Article, a member shall also be paid out 50% of his/her existing APDA balance for purposes of career adjustment and transition. The remaining balance reverts to the University.

16.2 Benefits

Members may be eligible to apply for individual health, dental and life insurance coverage under the current benefit provider without requalifying pursuant to the stipulations and requirements of such Plans. Members with service of two (2) years or greater will be provided with $300 to assist with the cost of conversion.