18.1 Access to Official Employee File

Members shall have the right to examine their official employee file maintained in People and Resources at any time during regular office hours in company with a People and Resources employee. Examination of the file shall be kept in confidence. The member may be accompanied by an Association member of his/her own choosing. Members may add to the file a response to any document contained therein.

18.2 Confidential Documents

In the case of official employee files there are two types of confidential information: employee health documents and documents submitted in confidence. Information pertaining to the member’s health such as medical and counseling records or documents from the Employee Assistance Program are confidential and may be viewed by the member, the designated Association member and People and Resources only. Documents submitted in confidence are confidential and may be viewed by People and Resources only. Documents submitted in confidence are not made available to members or their representatives.

Upon request, members will be provided with an inventory of the documents submitted in confidence in their official employee file. The inventory shall list the date of the document, general subject, purpose for which solicited, and the person by whom it was solicited or whether it was unsolicited. No other documents in a member’s official employee file shall be considered confidential.

18.3 Response to Documents Submitted in Confidence

Documents submitted in confidence must be validated before they may be placed in a member’s official employee file. If a document or letter clearly marked as confidential and containing a serious indictment of a member’s professional conduct is received, the department head shall investigate the matter and, without revealing the source, discuss the relevant facts or opinions with the member. The member may choose to be accompanied by a representative of the Association during such discussion. If the department head concludes that the charges are substantiated, the document or letter may be placed in the member’s official employee file as a document submitted in confidence, provided that the member is informed and permitted to file an explanation. The fact that the member was informed of the letter shall be noted in the file.