3.1 Recognition

The University recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining agent of the members of the bargaining unit (whether probationary, permanent, seasonal, term or casual) as defined by the Order of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board, dated at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on the 31st day of October, A.D. 1978, or as may be amended from time to time by the Labour Relations Board or by mutual agreement of the parties to this Agreement.

3.2 Correspondence

Decisions regarding grievances and interpretations of this agreement will be recorded and exchanged, in a timely manner, between the Associate Vice-President, People and Chief Human Resources Officer and the President of the Association.

3.3 Notification of Change of Status

Subject to systems capability, the University shall provide the Association with access to generate reports of changes in the status of a member or position. Should systems access not be available to the Association, the Employer must notify the Association within thirty (30) days when it is known that a change in the status of a member or position will occur.

Should concerns regarding changes in status arise, the Association may consult where appropriate and arrange a meeting of the Administrative Employees Consultative Committee (AECC) (Article 6) to discuss their concerns. Recourse to this meeting procedure does not preclude any action taken under other clauses of the Agreement including the grievance procedure. 

3.3.1 Access to Member Information

To better serve its members, ASPA requires access to member information. Human Resources will continue to provide ASPA with access to member information via the human resources information system. The Association’s access to member information on the human resources information system shall be changed by agreement.

3.4 Types of Employees


Permanent Employee refers to a member who has successfully completed the probationary period (Article 8) and whose employment is expected to continue indefinitely.


Seasonal Employee refers to a member who occupies a recurring seasonal position and who has successfully completed the probationary period (Article 8). Such a member has the expectation that the recurring employment will continue indefinitely.


Term Employee refers to a member hired for a stated period of time. A term employee will be eligible for benefits as provided in Article 12. In such cases, any waiting period shall be calculated taking into consideration any previous continuous employment. Term Employee to Permanent or Seasonal Employee Status

A member who has completed two (2) years of continuous service in the same position and same department which is half time or greater will be granted permanent status.

When a member is replacing an absent employee due to disability, their status will be changed to permanent after thirty (30) months of continuous service in the same position.

A member who has worked at least half time in the same position and same department for at least six (6) months in each of two (2) consecutive years will be granted seasonal status.

This article will not apply in all other cases where a member is replacing a permanent member on an approved leave.

The granting of permanent or seasonal status will not be unreasonably denied.

3.4.4 Casual Employee

Casual Employee refers to a member whose hours of work are for brief or irregular periods.

3.5 Rights of Members

All members of the Association are entitled to all the rights, benefits and provisions of this Agreement except where specifically limited by articles or clauses in the Agreement.