24.1 Overtime


Employees shall be paid double time for all time worked in excess of the stated regular or altered hours of work for their classification, as stipulated in Article 23.1. Employees who work less than full days will not receive overtime until their work exceeds the stated regular hours of work.


All overtime which is paid by the Employer must be authorized by the Dean, Administrative Head or designate. Except in emergency situations, such overtime must be authorized in advance.


Employees shall notify Human Resources within sixty (60) days if their overtime has not been paid.


If an employee has left the place of work and is not aware of being required to work overtime and is called back for overtime work, the employee shall be paid a minimum of two (2) hours at overtime rates. An employee required to return to work for brief periods of previously scheduled overtime work will be compensated on the basis of a minimum of one (1) hour's work at overtime rates. Where a call back occurs after 2:30 am, that employee will have the option of either reporting for work as scheduled, utilizing accumulated banked time, or deferring the start and end times of the immediate following shift, creating no eligibility for overtime as a result thereof. Where a call back occurs after 4:30 am the employee will have the option of starting their regular shift immediately following completion of the call out work.

24.1.5 Time Off in Lieu

Any employee required to work overtime shall receive pay for this time unless time off at the appropriate overtime rate in lieu of pay is mutually agreed to by the employee and the Employer and the agreement is recorded in writing. Accumulation of Time Off

When it is mutually agreed between the Dean, Administrative Head or designate and the employee, and providing it does not require additional extra help or cause overtime costs, the employee may accumulate overtime compensation from each incidence of overtime for up to one (1) year in order to provide time off with pay. Scheduling of time off is by mutual agreement between the employee and the Dean, Administrative Head or designate.


Where an employee is required to work continuously beyond normal quitting time in excess of two (2) hours, or is required to return to work for overtime purposes for a period in excess of four (4) hours, the Employer agrees to provide a suitable meal.


Overtime shall be voluntary except in emergencies. In the event there is a difference in opinion as to what constitutes an emergency, the final decision shall be that of Human Resources.

24.1.8 Part-Time Employees

Employees who are employed to work fewer than the stated regular hours of work may not be required to work additional hours without mutual agreement.

24.2 Calculation of Overtime

Overtime paid to an employee on a monthly rate shall be computed on the value of one (1) hour, the regular yearly salary and the regular yearly working hours used as a basis.

24.3 Shift Premium


For time actually worked, a permanent, term, recurring relief or casual employee will receive an additional one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25) per hour for each hour or part of an hour of regularly scheduled work outside the hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. If the majority of an employee's hours of work on a shift fall outside the hours specified above, the premium will be paid for the entire shift.


When an employee chooses to work outside the hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, the premium will not be paid.


The premium will not be paid in addition to the differentials specified in Article 24.6.

24.4 Calculation of Part Month's Salary

When it is necessary to calculate a part of a month's salary, or in any case concerning pay due or deducted from an employee working on a monthly rate, such pay shall be computed by computing the actual weekly regular hours to an average monthly hours, multiplying by the number of days worked in the month, dividing by the total number of working days in the month inclusive of holidays, then multiplying by the hourly rate.

For employees employed on an hourly basis, the hourly rate will be computed by multiplying the regular monthly rate by twelve (12) months, dividing by fifty-two (52) weeks, then dividing by the normal hours of work per week.

24.5 Bilingual Bonus

An employee shall receive a bilingual bonus of seven percent (7%) per month, providing the job requires on a continuing basis, fluency in speaking, reading or writing in a language other than English and it is specified as 'bilingual' by Human Resources. Employees may apply in writing to Human Resources.

24.6 Shift Differentials

The following differentials will receive an amount of one-hundred dollars ($100) per month:


Steam Plants Rotating Shift Differential

24.6.2 Security/Campus Safety

Employees who regularly work on either a rotating shift or a non-day shift.

24.6.3 Animal Care Personnel

Under the Technical Group, employees required to work weekends on a regular basis. For employees not required to work every weekend the differential will be pro-rated.

24.6.4 Steam Plant Refrigeration Papers

Steam Plant employees required to hold a valid Saskatchewan Refrigeration Certificate.

24.7 Hazardous Work Pay Premium

24.7.1 Radiation Pay Premium

An employee trained in radiation disposal techniques and assigned to radiation disposal service under the direction of the Radiation Safety Officer shall receive a differential of eighty dollars ($80) per month.

24.7.2 Asbestos Pay Premium

An employee trained in asbestos disposal techniques and assigned to asbestos removal and/or anyone required to wear asbestos PPE in the performance of their regular duties will receive an additional one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per hour for all assigned hours worked.

24.7.3 Rescue Team Premium

Employees who are members of the Rescue Team shall be provided with a premium of one-hundred and twenty dollars ($120) per month where assigned. Confined space team captains will receive an additional eighty ($80) dollars per month.

24.7.4 High Voltage Arc Flash Premium

One-hundred and twenty dollars ($120) per month where assigned for high voltage certified electricians, effective the first of the month following the date of signing.

24.7.5 Blaster Certificate Premium

Employees required to hold a blaster certificate will be paid a premium of one-hundred and twenty dollars ($120) per month where assigned.

24.8 Standby Premium

Standby duty shall mean a period where an employee is not on regular duty, but during which the employee is assigned to be on call and shall be immediately available to return to work outside of the employee's regular scheduled hours.

Employees who are designated by the Employer to standby will receive one (1) hour's pay at their regular rate of pay for each eight (8) hour period or portion thereof. Where an employee on standby is called back to work the employee shall be compensated pursuant to this Article in addition to Article 23 for the actual hours worked.

24.9 Spray Painting Differential

Painters only: One dollar ($1)