5.1 Association Membership

All employees who are now or hereafter become covered by the Association bargaining certificate will, as a condition of employment, become members of the Association.

5.1.1 Information for New Members

Monthly, the University will provide the Association with access to a list of new employees eligible for membership in the Association. The Association reserves the right to meet with new members during normal working hours with no loss of salary.

5.2 Deduction of Association Dues

Association dues are a condition of employment for members. The President of the Association will inform the University in writing of the amount of dues and other such assessments that will be deducted monthly from members’ pay cheques. The University will deduct this amount from each pay cheque and remit the total to the Treasurer of the Association prior to the 10th day of the following calendar month. Each remittance will be accompanied by a list of members’ names along with type and amount of deduction made for each member.

5.3 Dues Receipts

Statements of income when issued shall reflect the amount of dues paid in the relevant taxation year.

5.4 Time Off for Association Business

5.4.1 Members Attending to Association Business

The University agrees to allow members to attend to Association business during regular hours of work with no loss of salaries or wages. Association meetings may include, but are not limited to the Annual General Meeting, ratification meetings, Committee meetings and other meetings held at the request of the University. Time off with pay for members to attend Association meetings and related business should be subject to normal operating requirements of the University. Time off for members to attend to these matters shall not be unreasonably denied.

5.4.2 Association Representatives Attending to Joint ASPA/University Meetings

The Association will provide to the University a list of elected and appointed representatives of the Association along with a description of their role and authority. The Association will notify the University promptly in the case of changes in the roster and roles of elected and appointed representatives. The University agrees to allow elected and appointed representatives to attend and to prepare for joint ASPA and University meetings during regular hours of work with no loss of salaries or wages.

ASPA and the University agree that every effort will be made to schedule joint ASPA / University meetings during the normal working hours of all elected or appointed ASPA representatives on the committee(s).

5.4.3 Representatives on University Committees

The University recognizes that the Association and its members have a desire to be more aware of, and potentially involved in, University affairs to better educate the Association and its members of matters pertaining to their interests. The Association agrees to identify any official bodies or committees of the University on which it may wish to have representation. The University agrees to assist the Association, where possible and where appropriate, in gaining access to, and representation on, these bodies or committees.

5.5 Leave for Officers and Reimbursement for Meetings

5.5.1 Leave for Association Officer(s)

The University will grant leave with pay for up to one (1) FTE so that an officer who has been elected or appointed by ASPA may conduct business on behalf of the Association.  The leave granted may be allocated at the discretion of ASPA to one or more officers of the Association in fractions no less than one – quarter (1/4) FTE.  ASPA will advise the employer of who receives such paid leave no later than May 31 of each year.

Each employee on such leave with pay at their current salary will return to their position at the end of the leave.

5.5.2 Reimbursement for Officer Release Time

The University will provide a reimbursement pool of up to $100,000 per year to cover release time for Association representatives who are not on leave under Article 5.5.1. The Association will advise the University of the amount of time spent by Association representatives on union-management meetings for the University to determine appropriate reimbursements to departments. The Association will provide the University a list of its representatives no later than May 31 of each year. Release time will be subject to normal operating requirements of the University.