When a course scheduled to be taught on a sessional basis is cancelled because of insufficient enrollment, or for other just cause, and the cancellation occurs within the twenty-one (21) day period prior to, but not including, the first scheduled class, the person who was appointed to teach the course will receive twenty-five percent (25%) of the stipend for the course that has been cancelled.


If the course is cancelled on or after the first scheduled class, the employee will receive the greater of:

  1. twenty-five percent (25%) of the course stipend, or 
  2. the proportion of the course stipend corresponding with the proportion of teaching duties completed.


The cancellation fee will not be paid if the individual accepts an offer to teach an alternate course in the same term with an equivalent stipend. An individual shall receive a prorated cancellation fee if offered an alternate course with a smaller stipend.

17.04 Special Rights as a Result of Course Cancellations

This special right exists in addition to the cancellation fee, if any, as specified in Articles 17.01 and 17.02.

If a course offered to an individual with the right of first refusal is cancelled and no alternate course is assigned, the individual shall be offered the course at the next opportunity, provided it is available on a sessional basis within one (1) year of the cancellation. If the individual is unable to accept this substitute course assignment, another substitute will be offered the next time the course is offered on a sessional basis, provided it is still within the one (1) year period. For the purposes of Article 16.04 only, a substitute course will be considered as an appointment in the twelve (12) month period in which the course is cancelled and not the twelve (12) month period in which the course is actually taught. If more than one individual has a course cancelled, priority in assigning substitute courses shall be given based on the accumulated teaching credits of the individual. This special right will continue for one (1) year following the cancellation of the original course assignment or until the individual accepts a substitute course assignment to replace the cancelled course, whichever occurs earlier.


Notification of course cancellations, as defined under Article 17.01, identifying the affected member where applicable, will be sent to the Union.