15.1 Union Leave

15.1.1 Leave for Joint Union-Management Meetings

The Employer agrees that members representing CUPE 1975 will be granted leave with pay for attending meetings of the following joint committees where applicable:

  • Joint Consultative Committee
  • Grievance meetings with Employer representatives (includes Union Representatives and grievor pursuant to Article 14)
  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety meetings
  • Employee Well-being & Benefit Plans Committee
  • Negotiating Committee Meeting with Employer representatives
  • Employee Assistance Board & Committee and other joint union-management committees

Such leaves may affect Employer operations and, therefore, the participant will notify the supervisor or director in advance.

The Union will advise the Employer, in writing, of the amount of leave hours and the departments to which those leave hours occurred, for the purpose of the Employer providing reimbursement to those departments.

15.1.2 Casual Union Leave

The Employer agrees that leave of absence with pay and benefits (subject to the Union providing full funding to the Employer) shall be given to any designated employee(s) for Union business, such leave of absence to be granted for a period not exceeding six (6) months as the Union requests in writing. Requests for such leave shall be made in writing. A response to the request will be conveyed within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt, except in the case of leave for one (1) week or longer, in which case a response will be conveyed within seven (7) working days of when the written request has been received by the head of the department.

An employee on such leave shall return to the former position and salary, subject to any general increases.

15.1.3 Leave to Hold Full-Time Union Position Elected Position

An employee shall, upon application at least thirty (30) days in advance (more where possible), be granted leave of absence without pay to hold a full-time elected Union office. The leave may be extended as long as the employee holds that position, and with the provision that the employee gives thirty (30) days' notice of return to work. Selected Position

An employee who is selected for a full-time Union position shall, upon application at least thirty (30) days in advance (more where possible), be granted leave of absence without pay for a period of up to one (1) year. With the mutual agreement of the Union and the Employer, the leave may be extended by giving at least thirty (30) days' notice.

15.1.4 Leave for CUPE 1975 Officer(s)

The Employer will grant leave with pay for up to one (1) FTE for an officer(s) who has been elected or appointed by CUPE 1975 for the purposes of resolving difficulties and promoting harmonious relationships, including activities outlined in Article 15.1.1. The leave may be allocated at the discretion of the Union at either two (2) one-half (1/2) FTEs, or one (1) FTE. The Union will notify the Employer not later than December 1 in each year with the details of the allocation of the leave(s) as specified above. There shall not be any loss of salary or benefits to the officer(s). The Union shall advise the Employer of the time and the amount to be charged to the Union for duties performed solely for the purpose of Union business.

15.2 Compassionate Care and Special Leave of Absence

15.2.1 Compassionate Care Leave

Where an employee requires leave as defined under the Employment Insurance (EI) compassionate care benefit, the employee shall apply to their Dean, Administrative Head or designate, indicating the requested date of commencement of the unpaid leave. The Employer agrees to approve such leave as soon as reasonably possible.

15.2.2 Special Leave of Absence

Notwithstanding Article 15.2.1, special leave of absence without pay shall be granted to an employee for good and sufficient reason. Application must be made to their Dean, Administrative Head or designate, indicating the reason for such leave.


An employee on leave per Article 15.2.1 or Article 15.2.2 shall return to their former job title and salary in the same Job Family and Phase, subject to any general increases, except where the position has been eliminated in accordance with Article 12. In that circumstance, the employee will have the protection of Article 12.1.

15.3 Leave for Jury Duty

When a permanent or term employee is summoned for jury duty or as a court witness the employee shall not suffer any loss of salary or wages while so serving, except in situations where testifying on the employee's own behalf. Remuneration paid to the employee by the court must be turned over to the Employer. However, this will not include expenses paid by the court.

15.4 Education Leave

15.4.1 Writing Examinations

An employee will be entitled to leave of absence with pay, and without loss of seniority and benefits to write examinations which are relevant to the employee's occupation, providing it is the first time of taking leave to sit for this particular examination, or portion of an examination.

15.4.2 Employee Development

To assist and encourage employees to increase or upgrade their skills, thereby increasing their career options, the Employer will provide an Employee Development Fund capped at sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) per fiscal year. The fund will be released in two allocations of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) each, effective May 1 and November 1 of each fiscal year (May 1 to April 30). Permanent employees with more than one (1) year of continuous service will be eligible to apply to the fund for career development employment related opportunities:

  • Tuition refund for courses at a recognized technical institute or via correspondence
  • Refund of actual expenses for course materials and textbooks

Career related approvals of applications will be made by the employee's Dean, Administrative Head or designate. Employees may submit pre-approved applications in advance of the course(s) being completed; however, all reimbursements/waivers will be conditional upon successful completion of the course(s) undertaken.

The Employer reserves the right to suspend applications once the Fund is fully subscribed. Tuition Waiver for University of Saskatchewan Credit Courses

Employees will have the opportunity to have tuition fees waived for a maximum of six (6) credit units per fiscal year (May 1 to April 30) for courses taken at the University of Saskatchewan. The funds available for tuition waiver will be capped at twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) per fiscal year (May 1 to April 30).

Registration should be completed through the normal class registration procedure and will be accessed through Staff and Students Accounts, Financial Services Division.

The Employer reserves the right to suspend tuition waivers once the fund available is fully subscribed.

Additionally, an employee may apply to their Dean, Administrative Head or designate for paid leave to attend certain courses at the University of Saskatchewan, a recognized technical institute or by correspondence. Approval will be at the discretion of the Dean, Administrative Head or designate and will be subject to the operational requirements of the college, department or unit.

For any courses taken during normal working hours, approval must be obtained in advance from their Dean, Administrative Head or designate.

15.4.3 Leave for Seminars and Conferences

The Dean, Administrative Head or designate may grant leave with pay and benefits to attend conferences, seminars, etc., in job related areas. Assistance with tuition fees, registration fees and expenses may be paid by the department concerned or from the Employee Development Fund outlined above.

Where the University hosts events or learning opportunities in support of or alignment with our strategic priorities, managers will make reasonable efforts to support the attendance of interested employees without loss of pay or benefits, where work will not be unreasonably disrupted.

15.4.4 Required Courses

Where, as a condition of employment, the Employer requires an employee to take a specified course, acquire or maintain a certification, registration or membership, the Employer will pay the required costs. When time off is necessary, the Employer shall allow such time off without loss of pay. In respect to a required course, where classes are taken outside normal working hours, an equivalent number of hours off work will be granted.

15.4.5 Apprenticeship

The Employer will participate in the training of apprentices under the terms of The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Act, 2019 of the Province of Saskatchewan. To participate the apprentice must retain standing and status with the provincial apprenticeship program throughout their employment. In general terms, the program will operate as follows:

The Employer will designate apprenticeship positions in certain trades according to requirements and within the limits of available personnel and resources to support training. Positions will be posted as up to one (1) year term positions and will be filled per Article 8. Positions shall be extended for the duration of the apprenticeship program provided the employee continues to meet the requirements of the provincial apprenticeship program and/or personnel and resources continue to be available to support the training.

An employee who transfers to or obtains an apprenticeship position will be appointed subject to an assessment period of six (6) months.

A permanent employee who enters an apprenticeship program and transfers to an apprenticeship position with the Employer will be placed on an approved leave of absence from their permanent position.

Positions may be filled at different levels of experience within a trade and will be compensated at a commensurate salary.

Apprentices will receive the same rights and benefits as other term employees, and in addition, a permanent employee filling an apprentice position will be entitled to all contract rights and benefits for the length of the apprenticeship appointment. Apprentices will be given leave without pay to attend courses required by the Apprenticeship Branch.

At the expiry of an apprenticeship position, the incumbent will maintain the opportunity to bid on other positions in accordance with Article 8. If a permanent employee in an apprentice position is unable to bid into a related journeyperson position, the employee will revert to their previous permanent position from the approved leave of absence. If their previous permanent position has been eliminated, the permanent employee will have all the rights of Article 12.1.

If the permanent employee’s prior position was a term position, and the term position no longer exists, the permanent employee will be provided with the bumping option under Article 12.1.6. Supplementary Employment Benefits

Provided they are in receipt of federal Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, apprentices on education leave to attend necessary training will receive payments from a Supplementary Employment Benefit (SEB) Plan established by the Employer such that the gross amount of the employee's EI benefit from this employment plus the SEB payment will equal ninety-five percent (95%) of the employee's normal weekly earnings. This SEB payment will be made for a maximum of twelve (12) weeks per session.

The employee's accumulated sick leave and vacation leave at the time the leave commences shall be retained to the employee's credit. Benefits during the leave period will be in accordance with Article 19.

15.5 Compassionate and/or Bereavement Leave

If required by the circumstances from one-half (1/2) to three (3) days of regularly scheduled work days leave shall be granted by the Dean, Administrative Head or designate because of the death or life-threatening illness of a spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, or other person who would ordinarily be considered a member of the employee's immediate family. The meaning of spouse in this paragraph shall be defined as Section 2-1 of The Saskatchewan Employment Act.

The request is made to the Dean, Administrative Head or designate as soon as possible and confirmed in writing. The time off will be granted as requested. However, the question of whether any of the time granted or how much of the time granted is with loss of pay or benefits may have to await determination until the request in writing has been reviewed and will depend upon the circumstances of the request.

The Dean, Administrative Head or designate may, at its discretion, under certain circumstances and after the receipt of an application in writing:

  • grant additional time off with or without pay;
  • give consideration for leave to attend the funeral of other close relations.

15.6 Leave for Shift Workers

Permanent employees with one (1) or more years' service whose shifts are subject to frequent change will be granted five (5) days unconditional leave of absence without pay per year. Such leave will not be used in conjunction with annual vacation as in Article 17 or in conjunction with statutory holidays. Application must be made in writing at least three (3) week days (Monday to Friday inclusive) prior to the starting time of such leave. This leave is applicable to all eligible employees except in the Steam Plant and Security groups.

15.7 Leave for Court Appearance or Incarceration

In the event that an employee is accused of an offense which requires a court appearance, the employee shall be entitled to leave of absence without pay and without loss of seniority or accrued benefits, such leave to cover time required for pre-trial legal consultation, court appearance and pre-trial legal custody.

In the event of being found guilty of an offense not involving the Employer, the employee may be granted leave of absence to cover the period of incarceration.

15.8 Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave

15.8.1 Service Requirements for Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave

An employee shall qualify for maternity/adoption/parental leave (leave of absence without pay) after thirteen (13) consecutive weeks with the Employer. The Employer shall not deny a pregnant employee the right to continue employment during her pregnancy provided she can supply a medical certificate as to her fitness to do so, if so requested.

15.8.2 Length of Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave

Maternity/adoption/parental leave shall be taken at the employee's discretion before and/or after the birth or adoption of a child. Length and timing of the leave shall be consistent with the provisions in The Saskatchewan Employment Act.

15.8.3 Supplementary Employment Benefits (SEB)

After successful completion of the probationary period and provided they are in receipt of federal Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, women on maternity leave, or an employee who has declared to Human Resources that the employee is the primary caregiver of the child, will receive the difference between EI benefits received from Human Resources Development Canada and ninety-five percent (95%) of the employee's salary while on leave for a maximum of fifteen (15) weeks, or the equivalent amount prorated to accommodate an extended leave as per the provisions in The Saskatchewan Employment Act, subject to the condition that the employee's earnings (from EI, earnings, and any other source) cannot exceed one-hundred percent (100%) of pre-leave earnings.

The employee's accumulated sick leave and vacation leave at the time the leave commences shall be retained to the employee's credit. Benefits will be in accordance with Article 19.

15.8.4 Seniority Status During Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave

The employee shall continue to earn seniority during the leave.

15.8.5 Procedures Upon Return from Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave

When an employee decides to return to work after maternity/adoption/parental leave, the employee shall provide the Employer with at least four (4) weeks' notice. On return from maternity/adoption/parental leave, the employee shall be placed in the employee's former position and salary, subject to any general increases.


Upon request, the employer will provide an appropriate space within the work premises to accommodate breastfeeding practices. The employee shall be allowed time off with pay for up to one (1) hour per day to support breastfeeding practices. Managers will work with employees to determine suitable times. This time off shall be inclusive of paid coffee breaks.

15.10 Deferred Salary Leave

Employees who have a minimum of one (1) year continuous service in the bargaining unit, and are not currently serving an assessment period, may apply to Human Resources for approval of a Deferred Salary Leave.

15.11 Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence

The Employer agrees to recognize that employees sometimes face situations of violence or abuse in their personal lives that may affect their attendance or performance at work. Related absences not covered by sick leave or disability insurance will be granted as per the respective provisions of The Saskatchewan Employment Act.