17.1 Rate of Accumulation

For the purposes of vacation accumulation only, service is defined as all employment with the University.

During the first five (5) years of service, an employee will accumulate fifteen (15) days' vacation for every year of service. At the end of five (5) years of service, an employee will commence earning vacation leave at the rate of twenty (20) days per year. At the end of fourteen (14) years of service, an employee will commence earning vacation at the rate of twenty-five (25) days per year. At the end of twenty-two (22) years of service, an employee will commence earning vacation at the rate of thirty (30) days per year.

Years of Service Vacation
1-5  15 days
6-14 20 days
15-22 25 days
+23 30 days

Full-time employees will accumulate vacation semi-monthly and accrual amounts will vary based on the hours worked within the pay period.

Part-time employees will accumulate vacation on a pro-rata basis.

17.2 Vacation Year

All annual vacations accrued by April 30 of any year shall be taken by April 30 of the succeeding year. (For special circumstances, see Article 17.3.)

17.3 Special Circumstances

In special circumstances (such as a planned extended vacation) employees may have consideration given to vacation arrangements outside of Article 17.2 by submitting a written application to the employee's Dean, Administrative Head or designate at least thirty (30) days in advance of the year end.

17.4 Time of Vacation

Employees, insofar as the regular operation of their departments permit, will be allowed to take their vacations at the time they request.

17.5 Holiday During Vacation

When a holiday falls within an employee's annual vacation, such employee shall be granted one additional day's vacation.

17.6 Equal Opportunities

As far as possible, annual vacation shall be arranged to secure equal opportunities of advantageous periods to all employees without regard to seniority.

17.7 Shift Workers

Shift workers' annual vacation shall commence the day following an employee's weekly day or days off, unless otherwise mutually agreed.

17.8 Additional Time

An employee, who in the opinion of a qualified expert chosen jointly by the Employer and the Union, is subject to exposure of radiation in dangerous amounts shall be entitled to one (1) additional week of annual vacation.

17.9 Approved Absence During Vacation

Where in respect of any period of vacation leave, an employee:

  1. is granted bereavement leave, or
  2. is granted sick leave as a result of being seriously ill, seriously injured, or hospitalized, provided this is verified by a medical certificate, or
  3. is granted other approved leave of absence,

the period of vacation so displaced shall, if requested by the employee and approved by Human Resources, be either added to the vacation period or reinstated for use at a later date. Leave granted in (a), (b), or (c) above shall not be unjustly withheld.

17.10 Deductions from Vacation Accumulation

Vacation will be deducted from vacation accumulations based on actual hours absent to the maximum hours of work for the position.