7.1 Advertising of Positions

All Association positions of a duration of more than six (6) months will be advertised.

Unposted terms shall not be extended beyond six (6) months without posting the position.

Posted term positions that are extended or become permanent do not need to be re-posted. The Association will be notified when positions are made permanent.

The University shall provide the Association with access to generate unposted term reports.

7.1.1 Extension to Association Positions

The University may add “with the possibility of extension” to ASPA term position postings. 

7.1.2 Employment Equity

The University and the Association agree to the principle of employment equity for women, visible minorities, aboriginal peoples, and persons with disabilities at the University of Saskatchewan. This principle ensures opportunities in hiring and promotion for members of the above groups.

7.2 Advertising Procedure

All positions advertised will be posted for a minimum of one (1) week. Members will identify their membership in the Association when applying for a position within the scope of ASPA.

7.2.1 Job Placement Requirements for Advertising

Vacant positions will be advertised at the same range as when vacated except in the case of reorganization or reassignment of duties or functions.

For such redefined positions, the phase and/or family may be altered and a new salary range established.

Vacant positions will normally be advertised with an assigned pay range.

7.3 Consideration of Member Applicants

Association members who apply for vacant advertised positions prior to the closing dates thereof will have their applications considered prior to those of any external applicants. The University may elect, at its discretion, to interview internal applicants prior to interviewing external applicants in such circumstances.

An Association internal applicant may request a rationale for the hiring Manager’s decision. The rationale will be provided within fourteen (14) calendar days. The rationale is intended only to be developmental feedback. The rationale and the decision will not be subject to the grievance procedure.

7.4 Letter of Offer

The University must extend written letters of offer to individuals being offered positions within the scope of ASPA. Appointments are not official until the individuals have accepted the offer in writing.