19.01 Non-disciplinary Coaching

Coaching will be given verbally and/or in writing to clarify expectations and provide guidance to assist the employee in addressing performance concerns. A reasonable timeframe will be given to the employee to correct the poor performance and appropriate follow up on progress will be provided. Written coaching will be removed from the employee's file after twelve (12) credit units or eighteen (18) months, whichever comes first.

19.02 Progressive Discipline

As a matter of practice and general principle, the Employer endorses the concept of progressive discipline.

It is understood that the Employer retains the sole right to determine, in any particular case, whether the matter is sufficiently serious to warrant immediate disciplinary action.

The Employer shall not discipline or dismiss any employee except for just cause.

19.02.01 Written Reprimand

The Employer will advise an employee, in writing, that termination of their contract may follow the repetition of the act or omission complained of or the failure to bring work up to a specified standard by a given date. It is to be expected in the setting of such a date that the employee will be provided with a reasonable opportunity to correct the problem(s).

The letter will specify the reasons for the warning, expectations for future performance and consequences of progressive discipline, with copies forwarded to Human Resources and the Union.

In cases of discipline specifically related to teaching, the written reprimand will include notice of a mandatory teaching assessment under Article 18.

Where no further disciplinary action against an employee has been taken for twelve (12) credit units or twenty-four (24) months, whichever comes first, all records of discipline shall be removed from the employee's file.

19.02.02 Dismissal

Where an employee is dismissed, the employee's contract will be terminated and any ROFR held will be revoked at the discretion of the Employer.

The Employer will provide reasons to the employee in writing, with copies forwarded to Human Resources and the Union.

19.03 Procedure

If an employee who has been disciplined wishes to request a reconsideration of the decision, the Union shall contact Human Resources, who shall arrange for a meeting to be held with the Employer's representative, the Union and the employee.

19.04 Right to Grieve

Any action taken in accordance with this Article shall be subject to the grievance procedure.