20.1 Co-operation on Safety

It is agreed that the Employer, the Union, the employees and all levels of supervision will co-operate fully to promote safe work practices, healthy working conditions and compliance with The Saskatchewan Employment Act, The Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993 and its regulations.

The Union, through the participation of its members in the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee(s), will provide input into issues of occupational health and safety on campus and will assist wherever possible in the furtherance of safe conditions and practices.

The Employer will keep under review the use or presence, at the place of employment, of chemical or biological substances which may be hazardous to the health or safety of workers.

Any employee may request that the Dean, Administrative Head or designate substitute a safe or less hazardous substance for any chemical or biological substance currently in use. The Occupational Health Committee will co-operate in advising the employees through their Dean, Administrative Head or designate on the possibility of using suitable substitutions.

20.2 Safety Committee Pay Provisions

The Occupational Health Committees shall hold meetings and regular inspections to deal with all unsafe, hazardous or dangerous conditions. Representatives of the Union shall suffer no loss of pay for attending such meetings or inspections. Minutes of all committee meetings and inspection reports shall be provided to the Union.

20.3 Safety Measures

All employees either working with or in close proximity to any hazardous product or dangerous material will be supplied with adequate and sufficient training, education, tools, and safety equipment so as not to be exposed to unacceptable risks of the hazardous product or dangerous material. The training, tools and equipment to be used will be determined by Safety Resources in consultation with the relevant Occupational Health Committee consistent with pertinent legislation and accepted protocols.

20.4 Educational and Training Programs


The Employer, in consultation with the appropriate Occupational Health Committee, will develop and implement educational and training programs relating to the health and safety of workers, at no cost to the employees, and to be conducted during normal work time.


Upon giving reasonable notice (generally of not less than forty-eight (48) hours), Union members of the health committees shall be entitled to take time off work not exceeding five (5) days per year to attend educational courses and seminars for the instruction and upgrading on health and safety matters. Where these courses are given by the Occupational Health Division of Saskatchewan Labour, a training agency approved by the division, or occupational health training given or approved by the Employer, this time will be taken with no loss of earnings or other benefits. Management reserves the right to postpone this training if necessary to meet urgent operational requirements or emergencies.


Employees who feel they have not had opportunity for training on new equipment which they are required to operate as part of their normal duties should first discuss the issue with their Dean, Administrative Head or designate and then, if necessary, with Human Resources.

20.5 Safety and Health Reports, Records and Data

The Occupational Health Committee members shall be notified of serious accidents or injuries and the scene shall be investigated as soon as possible. Reports of every accident or occurrence of an occupational disease at the work site will be provided to the appropriate Occupational Health and Safety Committee. The Committee members may request any pertinent health and safety records held by the Employer, which are not confidential.

20.6 No Disciplinary Action

No employee shall be disciplined for refusal to work on a job or operate any equipment which, in the opinion of the employee(s) or any member of the Safety Committee, is unsafe, until an Occupational Health Officer or an Occupational Health Committee established under Part III – Occupational Health and Safety, of The Saskatchewan Employment Act, has investigated the matter or situation, or until sufficient steps have been taken so that the employee has reasonable grounds for believing that the duty or duties are not longer unusually dangerous.