10.1 Seniority Defined

Seniority is defined as the length of employment from the last date of hire into the bargaining unit, subject to Article 10.3.

Seniority shall operate on a bargaining unit wide basis. Seniority is a factor in determining promotions, transfers, demotions, layoffs and recall except as otherwise noted.

10.2 Loss of Seniority

An employee shall not lose seniority rights if absent from work because of sickness, accident, or leave of absence approved by the Employer.

An employee shall lose seniority rights in the event of:


Discharge without reinstatement;


Resignation from the University effective from the date of termination.


Failure to respond within seven (7) calendar days following receipt of notification of an appointment into a vacant position (Article 12.1.5) or bumping (Article 12.1.6), or response to seasonal recall (Article 12.2.3) except when prevented from informing the Employer due to illness or other just cause.

An employee who is offered casual work or employment of short duration during the layoff period when the employee is employed elsewhere shall not lose seasonal recall, appointment into a vacant position or bumping (if elected) rights for refusal to return to work, and the refusal will not count as the employee’s opportunity to bump (if elected). If an employee is not returning to work that employee shall so notify the Employer and the Union in writing as soon as possible.

It shall be the responsibility of the employee to keep the Employer informed of the employee’s current address and contact information.


Failure to report to work on the date and at the time specified in an accepted offer of appointment into a vacant position per Article 12.1.5 or bumping per Article 12.1.6, except when prevented from informing the Employer due to illness or other just cause;


Retirement effective the date of retirement;


Layoff for a period exceeding twelve (12) months;


A break in employment in excess of sixty (60) days for non-permanent employees.

10.3 Seniority Adjustment

If leave is taken to accept other gainful employment, the Union reserves the right to adjust the employee's seniority date.

10.4 Correction of Seniority Roster

On presentation by an employee or the Union of proof of error in the roster a correction shall be made immediately and recorded on a supplementary sheet.

10.5 Seniority Roster to Union

One copy of the roster shall be forwarded to the Union on February 1 of each year.