3.1 Bargaining Agent

The Employer recognizes, for all of its employees covered by this Collective Agreement, CUPE 1975 as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining agent and hereby agrees to negotiate with the Union, or any of its authorized committees, concerning all matters affecting the relationship between the parties to this Collective Agreement, aiming toward a peaceful and amicable settlement of any difference that may arise between the parties to this Collective Agreement.

3.2 Work of the Bargaining Unit

Employees of the University whose jobs are not in the bargaining unit shall not be assigned, on a regular basis, any jobs which are included in the bargaining unit or work that would cause members of the bargaining unit to be displaced, unless mutually agreed upon by the parties to this Collective Agreement.

3.3 No Other Agreements

No employee(s) shall be required or permitted to make a written or verbal agreement with the Employer or the Employer's representatives which may conflict with the terms of this Collective Agreement. In order that this may be carried out, the Union will supply the Employer with the names of its officers and stewards, and the Employer will supply at any time it is requested in regard to any employee, or group of employees, the names of the supervisory personnel and their functional responsibilities.

3.4 Representatives of CUPE

The Union shall have the right at any time to have the assistance of representatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees when dealing or negotiating with the Employer. Such representative(s) shall have access to the Employer's premises in order to investigate and assist in the settlement of grievances. Arrangement for such access will be made through Human Resources.