Former Retirement Recognition Program (Former Article 12.13)

Whereas the parties have agreed to eliminate the Retirement Recognition program, effective November 1, 2020;

And whereas the parties have agreed to maintain eligibility for those who have achieved the benefit, by November 1, 2020, as per the requirements under former Article 12.13 (as stated herein).

At retirement, an eligible member who has twenty-five (25) years or more service may elect to take six (6) additional weeks’ vacation immediately prior to retirement or six (6) weeks’ pay in lieu. Similarly, a member who has twenty (20) years’ service or more up to twenty-five (25) years may elect four (4) weeks additional vacation or equivalent pay in lieu.

Members should make their election as early as possible in their final year to minimize any departmental disruption.

Eligible members are those members with twenty (20) years of service or more as of November 1, 2020.

The employer will provide ASPA with a list of the eligible employees.