33.01 Professional Allowance

A non-accountable professional allowance will be provided. This will be added to the stipend for the course and paid at the rate outlined in Schedule 'A'.

33.02 Teaching Materials

The Employer agrees to provide the necessary resources to sessional lecturers so they may fulfill their teaching duties effectively and with support equivalent to that provided to faculty. Such support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Copies of educational materials essential to the course (i.e. textbooks, manuals, software programs, etc.);
  • Access to library resources;
  • Access to reasonable office space in which to meet with students;
  • Telephone access;
  • Access to a computer with internet capabilities;
  • Access to electronic mail;
  • Use of printers and photocopiers for course-related material(s);
  • Marking assistance for large classes; and
  • Clerical assistance when necessary.

In addition, sessional lecturers may apply through the Academic Participation/Professional Development Fund for financial assistance to purchase necessary teaching materials that support or enhance delivery of course content.

33.03 Professional Development and Tuition Waiver Funds

The University will contribute $45,000 annually to this Fund.

This Fund will be for the purposes of instructional currency, professional development or educational upgrading for sessional lecturers.

Information governing the eligibility and administration of the fund will be available on the ConnectionPoint website and from the Union. Applications will be approved and administered by the Union in accordance with existing guidelines. The Union-Management Committee will evaluate and make changes to the guidelines as necessary.

  1. All reimbursements will be conditional upon submission of appropriate documentation including proof of attendance and/or successful completion of the course(s) undertaken.
  2. The maximum size of waiver available to any applicant in any academic year shall be equivalent to the Canadian student course-based tuition for a six credit unit undergraduate class in Tuition Category 3 which is current at the time the course is taken. No applicant who has been awarded the maximum waiver in one year can receive an additional waiver in the succeeding year unless one month has lapsed following the start of the application period. Applicants will list their previous awards on their application.
  3. Approved waiver applications will be provided by the Union to Human Resources who will then forward them to Student Accounts and Treasury.
  4. The total funds awarded to each grantee as approved by the Union will be provided by the Union to Human Resources for tracking as the administrators of the Fund. Human Resources will provide to the Union updated statements of account for the Fund as close to the beginning of each Fall and Winter term as is reasonably practical.

Unused funds may be carried over to the next fiscal year. The maximum fund balance will be $100,000.