5.1 Union Management Committee

There shall be an Employer Union Management Committee, consisting of representatives from the Union and representatives from management, for the purpose of resolving difficulties and promoting harmonious relationships.

5.2 Purpose of Meetings


The purpose of such meetings shall be to discuss and settle, if possible, matters of mutual concern. In matters which are personal or particularly sensitive, strict confidentiality shall be maintained.

Such discussions shall not include grievances and changes to the Collective Agreement.


In addition to the foregoing, implementation of arbitration awards and court decisions relating thereto will be discussed at the request of either party.

5.3 Meetings

In the event either party wishes to call a committee meeting, the meeting shall be held at a time and place fixed by mutual agreement. All items proposed by either party shall be included in the agenda.

5.4 Exchange of Information

The Employer and the Union agree to exchange at the request of either party, information which is not confidential, is readily available and pertains to a subject under discussion between the parties. The parties agree that information exchanged under this Article will be used for purposes consistent with the administration of the Collective Agreement and that appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.