The Union and the Employer are committed to a respectful workplace, free of harassment.


Harassment is defined consistent with Section 3-1(1)(l) of The Saskatchewan Employment Act.


An employee who believes he or she has been harassed shall have access to the Employer's respectful workplace/discrimination and harassment policy and the grievance procedure. The following protocol shall apply:

  1. The employee making a complaint may choose to register it under the Employer's policy and/or via the grievance procedure. However, the policy process will proceed first.
  2. In the event the policy process does not address the complaint to the employee's satisfaction, the grievance will be heard at Stage 2 with no issue of timeliness under Article 14.7 provided it was filed pursuant to Article 14.6.1
  3. An employee making such complaint shall have the right to have a Union Representative present at any related meeting with the Employer.
  4. The Employer, the employee making such complaint and the Union agree that they will protect the confidentiality of all persons involved to the greatest extent possible in the circumstances.