19.1 Credentials

It is agreed and understood that licensure of physicians is the function of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan and credentialing of physicians is the function of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Consequently, a decision to suspend or dismiss a Resident from work in the SHA is outside the jurisdiction of the Employer.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Employer undertakes to use its best efforts to provide educational continuity in any such circumstances. Moreover, the Employer will encourage the CPSS and the SHA to ensure that the principles of natural justice apply to any such suspensions or dismissals and the review thereof.

19.2 Program Standing

No Resident shall be suspended or dismissed from their academic program without cause. Suspension or dismissal from an academic program for non-academic reasons may be grieved by the Resident pursuant to Article 6.

19.3 Disputed Program Evaluation

In the event of a dispute regarding a written evaluation of a Resident’s academic performance, the Resident may access the appeal process set out in the College of Medicine’s policies and procedures, which are not part of this Collective Agreement and which are not collectively bargained, pursuant to Article 3.3.

19.4 Resignation

A Resident who voluntarily resigns from an academic program will provide at least one (1) calendar month’s written notice to the Program Director and Associate Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education.