In consideration of the changes brought about by the opening of the Physical Activity Complex (PAC), College of Kinesiology, and the interests of the parties to address those changes in an amicable manner, and the Employer's agreement to voluntarily recognize certain casual employees being within the scope of the CUPE Local 1975 bargaining unit, and the College's desire to maintain levels of service in the PAC, the parties hereby agree to the following: 

  1. Those casual employees of the College of Kinesiology who are primarily University of Saskatchewan students and who are performing work of the CUPE Local 1975 bargaining unit shall be members of the said bargaining unit. 
  2. These employees shall be known collectively as Casual Facility and Program Assistants, hereinafter referred to as Casual FAPA.
  3. All Casual FAPA will be considered to be student employees as per Article 1.4.3.
  4. In this MOA, the word 'term' shall refer to the three (3) academic terms which comprise an academic year at the University of Saskatchewan.
  5. Casual FAPA will include the job titles listed in Schedule 'B' and any other job titles as may be agreed to by the parties in the future.
  6. When Aquatics Instructors have completed three (3) terms in which they work at least thirty-five (35) hours per term they will be eligible to receive a swimsuit allowance. The allowance will be paid once per eligible employee per calendar year provided that the requirement for minimum hours worked per term is met. The three (3) qualifying terms need not be consecutive. Swimsuits must meet [reasonable] criteria established by the College. Proof of purchase must accompany all requests for payment of the allowance. The allowance will be:
    • Men:     $40/calendar year
    • Women:   $80/calendar year
  7. Hours of work for FAPA aquatic staff in the job titles of Leadership Class Instructor and Instructor will be scheduled such that one hundred and sixty (160) hours will be averaged over four (4) weeks. Overtime will not apply until such time as the hours worked exceed this amount over the four (4) week period. This provision applies only to those persons noted above and only in the delivery of the following Royal Lifesaving Society or Red Cross programs: Water Safety Instruction
    • National Life Guard Service
    • Aquatics Emergency Care/CPR
    • Life Saving Instructor
    • Other programs as mutually agreed

    Although time off is provided for breaks, lunch and dinner, staff will continue to receive regular pay through any break time as well. Paragraph 7 will be considered to comply with The Saskatchewan Employment Act.

  8. See salary ranges per Schedule B.

Schedule “A”

Casual Facilities and Program Assistants

Applicable Provisions of the U of S – CUPE Local 1975 Collective Agreement

For a list of applicable provisions see Article 1.4.3, Student Employees.

Schedule “B”

Rates of Pay

Effective January 1, 2015