Academic Year is defined as the period July 1 to June 30.

Administrative Head refers to the head of an administrative department or unit.

Agreement refers to the Collective Agreement between the University of Saskatchewan and the CUPE 1975.

College means an academic unit of the University headed by a Dean or Executive Director of a School as established by the University Council and Senate.

Department refers to an academic department or division, the Library and an administrative department or unit.

Employees are those persons whose engagements, terms of employment, promotions and dismissals are set, determined and governed by the Employer. The word “employee” or “employees” where used hereafter shall mean any person or persons defined and covered by this Collective Agreement. Employees are entitled to all rights and benefits of this Collective Agreement unless otherwise limited. For “Types of Employees” see Article 1.4.

Employer refers to the University of Saskatchewan.

Fiscal Year is defined as the period May 1 to April 30.

FTE refers to full-time equivalent.

Human Resources refers to an administrative unit, within the Vice-President, Finance and Resources Office, representing the University in matters related to human resource management.

Member refers to an employee appointed to a CUPE 1975 position as defined by the Labour Relations Board Order and in Article 1.1.

Service is defined as being actively at work or on approved leave of absence with pay (including sick leave and vacation) or on maternity leave, but does not include leave of absence without pay in excess of thirty-one (31) calendar days.

Supervisor refers to the person who directs the work of a member and to whom the member reports.

Union Representative refers to a person who has been designated by the CUPE Executive to represent the union in a specific capacity (see Article 3.4).

University refers to the University of Saskatchewan.