34.1 Preamble.

The University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association (henceforth "Association") and the University (henceforth "Employer") acknowledge that, under the terms of Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board decision dated January 25, 1995, certain employees in the Crop Development Centre (henceforth "CDC") are members of the bargaining unit represented by the Association. It is agreed that, upon ratification of this agreement, the terms and conditions of the 1992-95 Collective Agreement between the Association and the Employer, as amended from time to time, shall apply to those employees in the CDC (henceforth "employees") with the modifications which are included in this Article.

34.2 Definitions


Director means the Director of the CDC.


Department means the Department of Plant Sciences including the employees in the CDC identified in Article 34.1 and the Director of the CDC.


Continuing status means the appointment of an employee identified in Article 34.1 to a permanent position in the CDC supported by and dependent upon funds external to the Operating Budget of the University. Such appointment shall continue subject only to the provisions of Articles relating to resignation (Article 23), retirement (Article 24), severance (Article 29), and discipline (Article 31).

34.3 Assignment of Duties

The provisions of Article 11 shall apply. In addition, the Department Head shall consult with the Director of the CDC and take due account of the requirements of the research contracts the employees in the CDC are expected to fulfill and the advice of the Director of the CDC.

34.4 Ranks and Appointment

The provisions for appointments to the faculty (Article 13) shall apply to the employees in the CDC identified in Article 34.1, except for the following modifications and additional provisions.

34.4.1 Ranks

Appointments shall be at the rank of Professor (CDC), Associate Professor (CDC), or Assistant Professor (CDC).

34.4.2 Reclassification of Research Scientists

All current employees in the CDC identified in Article 34.1 shall hold continuing status and be reclassified as follows:

  1. Professional Research Associates shall become Assistant Professors (CDC);
  2. Research Scientists shall become Associate Professors (CDC);
  3. Senior Research Scientists shall become Professors (CDC).

34.4.3  New Appointments

New CDC appointments in the bargaining unit shall be one of the following:

  1. Probationary — leading to consideration of an appointment with continuing status;
  2. with continuing status;
  3. for a limited term.

34.4.4 Search and Appointment Procedures for Appointment of the Director of the Crop Development Centre

The search and appointment procedures set out in Article 13.5 shall be used for the search and appointment of the Director of the Crop Development Centre.

34.5 Renewal of Probationary Appointments

The provisions of Article 14 shall apply except that the word “tenure” shall be replaced by the words “continuing status”.

34.6 Continuing Status for Research Scientists

The provisions of Article 15 shall apply to the award of continuing status except that the word "tenure" shall be replaced by the words "continuing status".

34.6.1 Department Renewals and Tenure Committee

The Department Renewals and Tenure Committee for employees in the Department of Plant Sciences, including the CDC, shall consist of all employees in the department holding tenure or continuing status and shall be chaired by the Department Head.

34.7 Promotions

The provisions of Article 16 shall apply except for the following:

34.7.1 Department Promotions Committee

Department Promotions Committee. For employees in the Department of Plant Sciences, including the CDC, there shall be a promotions committee for each rank made up of all persons tenured or with continuing status whose rank is above that of the faculty member being considered for promotion with the Department Head as chair.

34.8 Ranks and Salaries

Appointments at the rank of Professor (CDC) shall be remunerated at the salary level for the rank of Professor; appointments at the Associate Professor (CDC) rank shall be remunerated at the level of Associate Professor; and appointments at the Assistant Professor (CDC) rank shall be remunerated at the level of Assistant Professor.

34.8.1 Special Increases

The provisions of Article 17 and 18 shall apply to all employees in the CDC and Special Increases will be included in the allocations specified in Article but funded from CDC funds.

34.8.2 Administrative Remuneration

The Director of the CDC shall be paid an administrative stipend equal to that of Department Head as described in Article 18.8.

34.9 Sabbatical Leaves

The employees in the CDC identified in Article 34.1 shall not be eligible for sabbatical leaves provided for under Article 20; instead there shall be provisions for research leaves.

34.10 Research Leaves

The purpose of the research leave is to allow employees in the CDC with continuing status to foster relationships with peers in other locations; to learn new research skills and techniques; or to take advantage of equipment, data, or research expertise available in these locations. The Director must make arrangements to ensure that research programs continue during research leaves, and each leave must be judged to result in the employee becoming more effective in research.

34.10.1 Eligibility for Research Leave

The research leave arrangements shall parallel sabbatical leave arrangements except for the dates set forth in Article 20.9. Applications shall be made to the Dean who shall invite the Department Head and the Director of CDC to comment on all applications. The Dean shall approve research leave in all cases where the applicant is eligible for the leave and has put forward an application which, in light of the employee's past performance, satisfies the requirements identified in Article 34.10 above. The Dean may postpone for one year the research leave of an employee when the number of acceptable applications exceeds 1/4 x the number of employees with continuing employment status. If the research leave of an employee is postponed, the year of postponement shall count as qualifying service for the next research leave.

34.10.2 Appeal in the Case of Denial

In the case of denial of a research leave, the employee shall have the right to appeal to the Sabbatical Leave Appeal Committee as provided in Article 20.3.

34.11 Benefits

The provisions of Article 22 shall apply. The Employer’s share of benefit costs for employees in the CDC shall be paid from CDC funds.

34.12 Patents

The ownership of any intellectual property other than copyrighted materials developed by a CDC employee shall be determined by the terms of any third party grant or contract which provided funding to carry out the research which led to the development of the intellectual property.

34.13 Layoff and Severance

The provisions of Article 29 shall apply except that the following wording shall be substituted for Article 29.5.2: For the purpose of determining the existence of partial redundancy with respect to the CDC, the administrative unit for consideration will be the employees in the CDC identified in Article 34.1. Partial redundancy may be deemed to occur when the CDC’s external funding (that is, funding not provided by the University’s Operating Budget) is severely reduced or eliminated.

  1. A grievance in the case of layoff for reason of partial redundancy shall be subject to the same limitations as in the case of tenure (Article 15.17);
  2. before any employees are laid off, the Employer shall determine whether some or all layoffs could be avoided by:
    1. economizing on other areas of expenditure in the CDC,
    2. transfer to another academic program as specified in Article 29.9,
    3. retraining as specified in Article 29.10,
    4. early retirement as specified in Article 29.11;
  3. employees shall be laid off and recalled according to seniority in the CDC;
  4. employees who are to be laid off shall be notified according to Article 29.7;
  5. employees who are laid off shall be entitled to the severance benefits specified in Article 29.8;
  6. only employees in a discontinued program shall be subject to layoff due to a Partial Redundancy.


Seniority in the CDC shall begin as of the date of original appointment with the University.