21.01 Technological Change and Transfer of Work

From time to time, the University may decide there is a need to deliver a course through another Employer or through another bargaining unit. In some circumstances, this may involve a transfer of work previously performed by the Union, and it may fall within the definition of technological change as set out in The Saskatchewan Employment Act. If that is the case, the Employer is bound by provisions of The Saskatchewan Employment Act to meet with the Union for the purpose of bargaining collectively with respect to a workplace adjustment plan.

In the interest of providing as much advance notice as possible to the Union about any developing situations and to minimize the adverse impact of this type of change on members of the bargaining unit, the parties agree to take the following steps:

  1. Colleges shall inform the Union-Management Committee on initiatives that have a significant impact on bargaining unit members. Where invited, College representatives may elect to attend Union-Management Committee meetings to provide such information.
  2. If it is determined that the situation constitutes technological change as defined in The Saskatchewan Employment Act, the parties agree to discuss ways that the impact can be minimized for employees in the bargaining unit. Two areas that should be explored in these cases would be asking the new organization to consider appointments of the existing employees or, where appropriate, looking for alternate appointments in cognate disciplines.
  3. Other situations involving a transfer of work out of the bargaining unit shall be discussed at the Union-Management Committee at the request of either party. The purpose of these discussions will be to explore ways to minimize the impact for the members of the bargaining unit who are affected. Where appropriate, the parties agree to look for alternate appointments in cognate disciplines or initiate discussions with the new unit to consider appointments of the existing employees.