15.01 Posting Notice

Wherever possible, the Employer agrees that all vacancies shall be posted as soon as reasonably possible for a minimum of seven (7) days, and will be posted in blocks of classes. Term One and Term Two shall be posted starting on the first Wednesday in May and weekly thereafter, and Term Three on the first Wednesday in February and weekly thereafter. All vacancies will be filled by a process which includes the posting of job vacancy notices on the website used for posting purposes. To the extent possible, postings shall identify the department or college, course name, course number and number of credit units, term and length of course, day(s) and time of day of course, location, expected enrolment limit, qualifications required, stipend, and where to apply. Expected enrolment limits will be provided for information only and may be subject to change. The Employer will notify the appointee as soon as possible of any substantial changes in enrolment. Whenever possible, postings should be made to allow for appointments to be made at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the commencement of the first class. Exceptions to this shall follow the Urgency Provisions as outlined in Article 15.05. A copy of each notice will be forwarded to the Union.

15.02 Posting Locations

Job vacancy notices will be posted on the official University's electronic postings website. In addition, each department or non-departmentalized college may display its own postings on its own bulletin boards or in another place designated for that purpose.

15.03 Posting Cancellation

Postings may be cancelled at the discretion of the department (or college in the case of non-departmentalized colleges) prior to the appointment of an applicant.

Applicants with Right of First Refusal will be notified by the department as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation of posting.

Should a candidate be appointed prior to cancellation, the provisions of Article 17 will apply.

15.04 Early Applications

Candidates may make application in advance of the posting. Early applications shall be forwarded to the department head (or Dean of a non-departmentalized college). Early applications will be accepted for the Regular Session starting thirty (30) days prior to the first Wednesday in May. Early applications for Term 3 will be accepted starting thirty (30) days prior to the first Wednesday in February. They will be given full consideration and will be subject to the provisions for the right of first refusal set out in Articles 14 and 16.

15.05 Urgency Provisions

Where for bona fide reasons it is not possible to post the vacancy in advance of the appointment, the provisions of Articles 15.01, 15.02 and 15.03 shall be waived, and the Employer shall inform the Union of the rationale for the waiver. The Employer may fill such positions without posting but will make reasonable attempts to give first priority to any current applications from persons holding the right of first refusal for this course, beginning with the applicant who has taught the most credit units in the department, proceeding to the applicant who has taught the second most credit units, and so on down the list in decreasing order of credit units.