6.1 Membership and Purpose

This Committee shall consist of representatives of the Association and representatives of the University. The main purposes of the Committee are:

  1. to consider matters relating to the interpretation and application of the Agreement and
  2. to discuss and settle, if possible, matters of mutual concern (except for grievances or changes in the Agreement).

6.2 Schedule of Meetings

Meetings shall be held at a time and place fixed by mutual consent. Such meetings shall be held once a month, unless there is mutual agreement between the parties to cancel or postpone a meeting.

Special AECC meetings may be called by the Association or the University by mutual agreement to deal with special cases in the informal problem resolution process (Article 17.1).

6.3 Agenda for the Meetings

An agenda will be distributed before the meeting. Lack of notice of a matter to be discussed shall not preclude the matter from being discussed at the meeting.