Memorandum of Agreement – Job Sharing

  1. The position to be shared is a full time permanent position being shared by two employees. Usually this will be equal splitting of a position and any other arrangements must be specifically approved by both ASPA and the University.
  2. At the request of the incumbent(s), the University will consider job sharing and if the decision is favorable, the possibility will be discussed with ASPA and the employee(s).
  3. If agreement is reached between the parties that job sharing will take place, only the vacant portion of the position to be shared will be posted.
  4. All employee benefit plans will be available to the incumbents of job sharing positions as specified in the Collective Agreement. Statutory Holiday benefits will be determined at the outset of any job sharing arrangement and must be planned in advance for ongoing job sharing. Participants in job sharing arrangements will not be eligible for alternate hours of work arrangements unless agreed to by the parties.
  5. If a long-term absence occurs due to illness, maternity leave, or other approved leave of absence; the other employee may cover the period of absence. If this is not acceptable to the other employee, then the vacancy may be filled on a term basis.
  6. If either employee wishes to return to full time employment at a time when the other portion of his/her job sharing position is not vacant, the individual must apply for and be the successful applicant for a posted position.
  7. If either one of the employees sharing this position resigns or transfers, the position will be reviewed to determine how the vacancy will be filled.
  8. The department may terminate the job sharing arrangement at any time with sixty days notice. In the event this happens and the position reverts to its former complement of duties, the incumbent whose job was being shared, shall have first priority to it. Employees who are not placed will be subject to the conditions of Article 16 as appropriate. In this situation, the employer is not obligated to special considerations such as an employee's interest in part time work.

January 1, 2001

Memorandum of Agreement - Criteria Matrix

The parties agree:

  1. The Criteria Matrix may be updated by a committee (the Joint Process Committee) comprised of the Joint Management/ASPA Appeal Committee (JMAAC) and one (1) ASPA Executive member.
  2. The parties agree that while the Criteria Matrix does not form part of the collective agreement, this Agreement shall be attached to the current and subsequent collective agreements as one of the Memoranda of Agreement listed in Appendix 1, unless and until mutually agreed to otherwise by the parties.
  3. The Joint Process Committee shall review the Criteria Matrix at least annually to assess if updates are required.
  4. The Joint Process Committee will have the authority to alter the Criteria Matrix at any time without requiring ratification by ASPA or Human Resources.
  5. The Criteria Matrix will not change without agreement between the members of the Joint Process Committee. If the Joint Process Committee is not able to agree to the proposed changes, the Criteria Matrix will not be amended.

June 18, 2014