When salary increase, signing bonuses and enhancements to benefits and pensions are considered in combination, the average USask employee in scope of ASPA will receive in excess of $6,200 (or 7.5 per cent of salary) added to their current total rewards value.

Key elements of the new offer

Negotiated Increase and Signing Bonus

The university is offering at 1.5% wage increase and a salary range adjustment of 2.0% in 2021 which allows more employees to be eligible for an increment. Employees currently under the target point will continue to receive a 2% increment until they reach the target point. A $2,500 signing bonus (prorated by FTE ) is available to all eligible members at the time of signing a tentative agreement. Those on leave, temporary layoff, or seasonal layoff would receive the signing bonus upon their return to active status.

Wage Increase and Signing Bonus
2019 2020 2021
Wage Increase $2,500 Signing Bonus 1.5%
(Employees under Target Point)
2.0% 2.0% 2.0%
Salary Range
Salary Range Adjustment 2.0%

Pension Increase

The university is increasing the employer and employee pension contribution rate to 7.0%.


The university is making changes to the current merit system to better reward high-performing employees. This will encourage a meaningful differentiation of awards with notably higher amounts to employees who make exceptional contributions to the university. Changes include:

  • remove restrictions so any percentage of employees eligible to receive merit
  • distribution of merit pool will be 0.75% as lump-sum payments and 0.75% adds to base salary with merit capped at $7,500 per employee per merit year

Offer Highlights

1.5% Wage Adjustment in 2021

Adjust to base, up to maximum

2% adjustment to Salary Range in 2021

Minimum, maximum and target point

$2,500 Signing Bonus
Increase to 7.0% Pension Contribution Rate
$2,000 Year for Psychologists/Social Workers
Currently $350/year
$150 Every Two Years for Eye Exams

Currently $100

Extend Short-term Disability Salary Continuance Period to 112 Calendar Days

Members would remain on 100% pay for an additional 22 days before transition to long-term disability