This handbook guides the employment relationship between the University of Saskatchewan and each employee within the exempt staff group (defined below). Employees in this group are exempt from bargaining units by the nature of their duties.

This document is intended to reflect the practices as of May 1, 2023 at the University of Saskatchewan with respect to the exempt staff group.

This handbook is intended to be brief, providing a general frame of reference to guide the employment relationship, while recognizing the flexibility required to address the needs of exempt staff and the university. Where this document is silent, more specific direction may be available through university policies or advice from People and Resources. Exceptions to these terms may be made as a condition of employment to support the recruitment and retention of critical positions. Such exceptions can only be made following consultation with the associate vice-president of People and Resources, and in some cases, may require the approval of an appropriate vice-president.

This document will be reviewed and revised on an annual basis, and/or following changes to collective agreements for bargaining units on campus, to ensure fair and equitable terms of employment for exempt staff. Feedback and input with respect to the document is welcome at any time and should be forwarded to