4.1 Job Profiles

Job duties are assigned by the employee’s supervisor through a job profile which describes the primary purpose of the position, the nature of the work, the education / qualifications required, and the accountabilities of the job. The job profile should be reviewed on an annual basis by the supervisor and the employee (concurrent with performance and salary reviews). Changes or additions to the job profile are to be approved by the supervisor. Consultation and support for this process is available through People and Resources.

If the supervisor and the employee determine that the position has grown, then the supervisor and the employee may submit position information to People and Resources for review to determine appropriate family and/or phase placement. Please visit the People and Resources website for further information.

4.2 Hours of Work

In determining hours of work, consideration should be given to the regular operating hours of the unit and the need to balance work and personal life. Exempt staff are expected to manage their work time to meet these goals, while achieving the outcomes they are accountable for in their positions.

It is the responsibility of exempt staff and their supervisor to monitor hours of work and review workload over cyclical periods.

Notwithstanding the above, the provincial employment regulations recognize that there are certain employees who are exempt from overtime provisions, including, employees who perform services that are entirely of a managerial character.

In situations where overtime provisions do apply, all hours must be documented and authorized in advance by the supervisor. Those employees will receive compensating pay of time off in lieu of pay (at time and one-half) for hours of work exceeding 37.5 hours per week.

If assistance is needed in determining whether overtime is applicable, the supervisor should contact People and Resources.

4.3 Additional Assignments or Acting Appointments

The duties of exempt staff are expected to vary widely and will grow and change over the course of a year. The annual salary review process will determine if a salary adjustment should be made to recognize significant job change. If, during the year, an employee is required to take on additional or acting duties of a nature that goes beyond their job family and phase, additional compensation will be considered. The extent and nature of such compensation will be determined following consultation with People and Resources.