The University of Saskatchewan is committed to employees’ success and wants to provide opportunities to enhance and grow the careers of employees and those they lead. The U of S has developed a Career Engagement (CE) model (replacing our performance management framework) to serve as a framework for people leaders and their employees to have both informal and formal discussions regarding the employee’s goals and development plan. The design of the framework aligns with our university competencies and values, supporting a diverse workforce. The intent of the model is to:

  • create a culture of continuous learning and development
  • align goals and expectations
  • drive accountability for shared success

Employees and people leaders should engage in regular conversations to build trust, plan, recognize and appreciate successes and challenges, as well as look for ongoing opportunities for growth and development. Where a people leader determines that an employee’s performance (regarding goals/behaviours) is not meeting expectations, the university is committed to providing employees with an opportunity to improve performance and is committed to supporting an employee’s success. More information is available from your college/administrative unit’s HR SBA.