In cases of termination or resignation, supervisors should consult with the College’s HR SBA for support in the process.

Due to the unpredictable and competitive nature of research funding, employees in positions funded from research funds should regularly communicate with their supervisor to ensure they are aware of the end of funding terms that affect their employment.

13.1 Term Positions

Term positions of less than two years end automatically upon the expiration of the stated term date without additional notice. Termination of positions that extend beyond two years continuous require a notice period as outlined below. Contact your SBA for information and support.

13.2 Resignation

An employee who has been employed by the employer for at least thirteen (13) consecutive weeks will give the employer written notice of at least two weeks.

13.3 Termination Without Cause

Employees may be terminated as a result of loss of funding, reorganization, changing requirements for which the employee is not suited, or other exceptional circumstances where clear just cause for termination does not exist. Where termination occurs for reasons other than just cause, individuals will be treated fairly and reasonable notice (or pay in lieu of notice) will be provided.

Employee’s Period of EmploymentMinimum Period of Written Notice
More than 13 consecutive weeks but one year or less one week
1-3 years two weeks
3-5 years four weeks
5-10 years six weeks
More than 10 years eight weeks

13.4 Termination For Cause

Termination for cause, which can occur before and after the probationary period, does not require notice. Termination for cause may include, but is not limited to gross misconduct, significant and uncorrected performance problems, violation of policies and standards, theft, fraud, dishonesty.

13.5 Retirement

An employee who intends to retire should provide notice to their supervisor at least six months prior to the expected date of retirement.