4.1 Job Profiles

Job duties are assigned by the employee’s supervisor through a job profile which describes the primary purpose of the position, the nature of the work, the education/qualifications required, and the accountabilities or duties of the job. Changes or additions to the job profile are to be approved by the supervisor. Job duties may be described in a letter of offer or a job profile. Consultation and support for this process is available through your college/administrative unit’s HR SBA.

4.2 Hours of Work

The standard hours of work for a full-time employee are 37.5 hours per week. The nature of research activities may require an alternate work schedule. Supervisors and their employees should agree upon and document any alternate arrangements. Those exceptions to the 37.5 hour per week standard will be outlined in the employee’s letter of offer. Employees are expected to manage their work time to meet these goals, while achieving the outcomes they are accountable for in their positions.

Unless there are averaging or modified work arrangements in place, overtime is calculated at 1.5 times an employee’s regular earnings for any hours beyond 8 hours in a day or 40 hours within a week.

Employees and their supervisors are required to monitor hours of work and review workload over cyclical periods. If overtime provisions apply, hours must be documented and approved by the employee’s supervisor in advance of the work being completed. Overtime hours should be managed by having the employee taking time-off-in-lieu. Where that is not possible, overtime can be paid out by request on the next available payroll run. 

Positions of a professional or supervisory nature are exempt from overtime. These exemptions should be noted in an employee’s letter of offer. Nonetheless, where an employee is working above and beyond their standard work hours, time-off-in-lieu should be expected.

Employees in multiple part time or casual positions may meet these thresholds when all service is combined. Employees must inform their supervisors if they hold multiple appointments.