6.1 Benefits Plans

All non-union employees are entitled to benefits as describe in the Research - Administrative, Technical and Support Staff plan.

Eligibility to participate in the benefit plans is dependent on the employee’s current length of appointment and the number of hours worked in that appointment. Eligibility is not based upon the employee’s cumulative service with the university. Employees may be eligible for increased benefits with longer appointment terms.

Please note that, notwithstanding any other plan provisions, you must be actively at work during a pay period in order to be covered by the benefits plan for that pay period. Employees with multiple appointments will only be covered under one benefit plan at a time.

6.2 Sick Leave

All employees are eligible for sick leave. Employees hired on a term of less than two (2) years or part-time basis are entitled to sick time at an accrual rate of one and one-quarter days (1.25) per month of employment, to a maximum of a total of fifteen (15) days. Employees hired on a term greater than two (2) years are entitled to salary continuance as defined on the benefits website.

Sick leave is tracked through PAWS for all employees except Research Scientists and Professional Research Associates.

Sick leave accruals for employees using the online time tracking in PAWS are based on working hours each pay period (see chart below).

Working days in pay period
(including statutory holidays)
37.5 hour work week
Hours in pay period Accrual per pay period
9 67.5 3.89
10 75 4.33
11 82.5 4.76
12 90 5.19

6.3 Tuition Waiver

Employees in a term position that is at least half time (0.50 FTE) and a minimum of two years in duration are entitled to have tuition fees waived for one (1) three-credit course per academic term for courses taken at the University of Saskatchewan. Registration is completed through the normal class registration procedure. The tuition waiver is accessed through Knowledge Base.

  • Provided that space is available in the course, the tuition for auditing one (1) six-credit unit course or equivalent, per academic year, will be waived by the university.
  • If the course is taken during normal working hours, approval must be obtained in advance from the supervisor.
  • Casual employees are not eligible.