As a matter of practice and general principle, the Employer endorses the concept of progressive discipline.


The Employer shall not discipline or dismiss any employee except for just cause.  


The disciplinary actions that may be taken by the Employer include, but are not limited to, letter(s) of warning or reprimand, suspension(s) with or without pay, and dismissal. Such disciplinary action shall be in accordance with the principles of progressive discipline, and be reasonable and commensurate with the seriousness of the violation.


Employees are entitled to union representation at any disciplinary meeting or any meeting that has a reasonable prospect for becoming disciplinary. Employees will be provided with reasonable notice of any such meeting and shall be advised that they are entitled to union representation at this meeting.


In exceptional circumstances, based on the severity of an infraction, it is understood that the Employer may impose immediate disciplinary action.


The employee shall be notified in writing of the nature of any disciplinary action(s) taken and the reasons for such action(s) within five (5) days of the discipline, and a copy of the letter shall be forwarded to the Union at that time.


No employee shall be disciplined or be subject to reprisals of any kind for refusing to undertake non-bargaining unit work.


Where no further disciplinary action against an employee has been taken for the shorter of three (3) worked academic terms or twenty four (24) months, all records of discipline shall be removed from the employee’s file.