Rates of pay are expressed as hourly rates of pay and are as established in Schedule A.


Employees shall receive seven decimal six nine percent (7.69%) of salary as vacation pay. This amount is not included in the hourly rate of pay and shall be identified on the pay statement.


Employees shall be informed of the day of the month in which they shall be paid. Employees shall be paid in the pay period in which they commence their duties unless the date of pay is within one week from the commencement of duties.


Payments shall be made in equal monthly installments during the period of the appointment and shall be by direct deposit in the account of the Employee at the institution of their choice. Each payment shall be accompanied by an electronic pay statement that includes a breakdown by position, if relevant, as well as an itemized list of all deductions made from the Employee's pay.

Effective January 1, 2018, Employees will receive payments on a semi-monthly basis.


No deductions, except those required by law, shall be made from an Employee's pay with or without their written authorization. In the event an error is made by the University that results in an overpayment to an Employee, the University and the Employee shall meet to agree upon a reasonable repayment schedule.