The Employer acknowledges the right of the Union to appoint or otherwise select Employees as representatives.


The Union shall determine the jurisdiction of each representative.


The Union shall notify the Employer of the name and jurisdiction of its representatives as well as any updates or changes to that list as they occur.


The Employer shall provide the Union, in writing, with the names and position titles of those responsible for liaison with the Union.


Whenever possible, a representative shall investigate Employee complaints or process a grievance or undertake any other Union business, outside of their Scheduled Work times. If this is not possible, the representative will obtain permission of their Employment Supervisor prior to leaving work, and such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.


Duly authorized representatives of the Union shall be permitted to transact official business of the Union with members of the Union or with official representatives of the Employer on University property, provided such business shall not interfere with the normal operations of the University.


A Union representative shall be entitled to up to fifteen (15) minutes to provide an overview of the role of the Union at the University-wide orientation for graduate students. The Employer will notify the Union at least fifteen (15) Calendar Days in advance.