Employment Equity

The University of Saskatchewan and the Public Service Alliance of Canada have a joint interest in achieving equity in the workplace so that all employees are treated with dignity and respect and are provided the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

The University of Saskatchewan is committed to achieving and maintaining a fair and representative work force through the design and implementation of an Employment Equity Plan which is consistent with provisions of The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.

Employment equity is a process designed to improve the representation of systemically disadvantaged groups, especially aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and women at the University of Saskatchewan. The University and the Union value diversity recognize the importance of providing opportunities in this bargaining unit for these target groups.

Teaching Assistants—Maximum Hours of Work

Whereas the University of Saskatchewan and the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Local 40004 reached a first collective agreement signed November 20, 2017;

And whereas, Article 15.01 states that the Maximum Average hours of work for Teaching Assistant (TA) appointments is to be 12 per week;

And whereas, concerns were raised regarding the interpretation of the collective agreement on maximum hours of work for TAs;

And whereas, appointments may occur of a condensed nature for a shortened period of time in an academic term;

And whereas, the parties agree in exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to exceed the maximum number of hours of TA work in the collective agreement;

Now therefore, in consideration of these facts, the parties agree to the following:

  1. Where additional TA appointments remain after allocating positions following the preference system in article 13.05, these appointments may be provided to qualified graduate students in excess of the 12 hour per week maximum.
  2. Any additional appointments would be allocated first to those qualified graduate students in either Group A, B, and C, before looking to those that fall in Group D and E.
  3. For courses and appointment s of standard duration, the employee work more than 20 hours in any given week consistent with article 15.02.
  4. In the case of condensed courses, TA appointments may exceed the maximum weekly hours as cited in Article 15.02, to a maximum of 40 hours per week.
  5. Exceeding the maximum average hours of work in Article 15.01 must be mutually agreed between the Department/College and graduate student employee. Where the maximum average hours of work in Article 15.01 is exceeded under the terms of this agreement the Department or College shall provide the Union reasons in writing for doing so.
  6. This agreement will expire with the collective agreement on August 31, 2019, and the parties will discuss revising Article 15 - Hours of Work during collective bargaining.