Memorandum of Understanding: Release of Duties for Union Business

Subject to the terms of clause 28.09, the Employer shall provide pay services and shall remit payment to Union members as per the Local Union’s direction in the amount stipulated by the Local Union. The Local Union shall provide advance notice, including the member to be paid and their weekly hours no later than one month in advance. Any unused, remaining amount shall be forwarded to the Local Union by August 31 of each year.

The University will not charge the Union for providing this service, however, the University may invoice the Union for any statutory deductions, such as CPP and EI.

With one month’s notice, the Union may terminate this MOU, at which point all remaining amounts for the academic year shall be forwarded to the Union. For each subsequent year, the Employer shall forward the full amount as per 28.09 to the Local Union on September 1 every year.