As per The Saskatchewan Employment Act and/or The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, the Employer and the Union agree that there shall be no discrimination with respect to any employee by reason of:

  1. religion;
  2. creed;
  3. marital status;
  4. family status;
  5. sex;
  6. sexual orientation;
  7. disability;
  8. age;
  9. colour;
  10. ancestry;
  11. nationality;
  12. place of origin;
  13. race or perceived race;
  14. receipt of public assistance;
  15. gender identity; or
  16. membership or activity in the Union

The parties further agree that there shall be no discrimination, with respect to any employee by reason of gender expression.



The Employer and the Union do not condone harassment and are committed to a respectful workplace.


“Harassment” shall be defined as per The Saskatchewan Employment Act.


The university’s discrimination and harassment prevention policy covers all members of the campus community. An employee who believes he or she has been harassed shall have access to the policy and the grievance procedure.

The employee making a complaint may choose to register it under the Employer’s policy as well as via the grievance procedure. However, the policy process will proceed first where there will be an objective assessment and/or a formal investigation including the nature and context of the incident(s).

In the event the policy process does not address the complaint to the employee’s satisfaction, the complaint is grievable at Step 1. Both parties agree that all proceedings and the results thereof will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.


There shall be no reprisal or retaliation nor any threat of reprisal or retaliation against anyone for pursuing rights under this Article or for participating in proceedings under this Article. Any such alleged reprisal or retaliation or threat thereof shall be grounds for filing a grievance under this Article.


The parties agree that complaints of discrimination or harassment made in bad faith are prohibited. These complaints occur when a person purposefully misrepresents the facts or makes accusations maliciously, without regard for the truth. Intentionally false accusations do not include reports made in good faith, even if the facts alleged in the report cannot be substantiated by an investigation.


Safe Disclosure

The university has a Safe Disclosure policy covering all members of the campus community. Any university member who suspects any irregularity, wrongdoing or fraudulent activity may report it and will be protected in accordance with the Safe Disclosure policy and procedures.