Employees shall seek prior approval for all employment-related expenses before they are incurred. The Employer recognizes that unanticipated expenses may arise in the course of employment. Any claims submitted for such unanticipated expenses must be considered in a timely manner for approval and paid in a timely manner by the Supervisor. Such expenses shall not be unreasonably denied.

Reimbursement for Employment Expenses


Provided prior approval has been given by the employee’s supervisor, the Employer shall reimburse the employee for all reasonable travel or other expenses incurred for employment-related activities in accordance with university policies and employment expense guidelines, including departmental level expense guidelines.


All University policies, including travel and expense related policies, are available on the Office of the University Secretary website. Employees shall be informed of these policies and any relevant departmental/college policies within the first month of their employment.

University Facilities


The Employer shall provide all employees with the appropriate space necessary to conduct assigned duties. Employees will be provided with a phone number and an address to which mail may be delivered.


The Employer agrees to provide employees with access to and use of available libraries, books, duplicating services, office supplies, audio-visual equipment, laboratory supplies, personal protective equipment, professional certifications, registration fees, and other reasonable and necessary equipment and/or facilities when these are required in the performance of the employees’ contractual duties and responsibilities. Access and use of resources to complete employment duties and responsibilities will not result in personal costs incurred by employees.