The parties acknowledge that Employee candidates come to the attention of and are selected by Employment Supervisors through a number of different methods, including direct communication with a candidate(s) and/or with colleagues.


Except where a candidate is hired under Article 13.01, the Employer agrees that positions shall be posted for a period of not less than seven (7) days. Such positions will be posted on the University Careers website. No offer of employment shall be made until the posting period of seven (7) days has elapsed.


A posting under Article 13.02 will identify the following: job title, description of the area or topic of research, remuneration, supervision and academic unit, date of posting and application deadline, start date and duration of the appointment, required qualifications, the application procedure, required documentation (e.g., CV, references, publications, etc.) and any employment diversity or equity statement.


Appointments are normally for periods of twelve (12) months or greater.  However, the Employer shall not use a series of short-term appointments for the purpose of circumventing the hiring of a single Employee for a period of more than twelve (12) months where supervisors have funding in place for a longer term. 

The parties acknowledge that there may be specific circumstances when short-term appointments of less than twelve (12) months may be appropriate. 


All successful candidates shall receive a letter of offer, signed by the Employer and Supervisor, which shall include, at a minimum, the following information: start date of contract, end date of contract, salary, name of Supervisor, campus location, and general outline of duties. The Letter shall also include a link to the Collective Agreement and a link to an onboarding site for new employees. The Union shall be provided with a list of all appointments on a monthly basis, which shall include each employee’s start and ends dates of contract, salary, and name of Supervisor.


The Employer is committed to maintaining an appointment and re-appointment process that clearly communicates timelines. Faculty Supervisors shall provide a minimum of one (1) month notice to an employee on their intention to renew an appointment.