Intellectual Property (“IP”) refers to inventions, discoveries, creations, writings and other products, however arising, which are the result of intellectual or artistic activity, and which are capable of protection pursuant to the laws of Canada.


The Employer has no claim in respect of rights in any IP developed without the use of University facilities, support personnel, or services, on the employee’s own time or produced or owned by Employees prior to their appointment.


By mutual agreement an Employee and the Employer may enter into an individual agreement concerning their respective rights in any invention referenced in Article 25.02.


In an academic research environment, collaboration and teamwork are common and contributions of all creators or inventors must be respected.


An Employee shall enter into an individual agreement with the Employer concerning their respective rights in any invention produced by an Employee as a consequence of activity that was part of the Employee's assigned duties. Such agreements will align with the agreements in place with members of USFA, as amended from time to time. At the Employee’s request, the union may attend and observe any meeting called to discuss or agree upon ownership of IP.


Each Employee is required to give the University notice of any invention made by the Employee during the course of their employment at the University, together with a statement as to whether, in the Employee's opinion, University facilities, personnel, or services have been used in the development of the invention.