3.1 Advertising of Positions

The university is committed to advertising positions to provide opportunities throughout the university and in the community, and to encourage applications from a diverse group of individuals. When possible, hiring managers are encouraged to advertise for all vacancies, though it is understood that in some cases, there may be valid reasons to not advertise a position. Support is available; contact your college/administrative unit’s HR SBA.

3.2 Selection

Selection decisions will be based on merit. The best candidate for the position will be selected based on qualifications and experience of the candidate compared to the needs of the position. The University will extend a written letter of offer to the individual being offered employment. An appointment is not official until the individual has accepted the offer in writing.

The employment of immediate family members with direct reporting relationships is prohibited. Consult your HR SBA about any existing employment relationships where there is a conflict of interest.

Federal immigration regulations require that Canadians and permanent residents be given first opportunity for positions for which they are qualified. All appointments of non-Canadians must comply with Citizenship & Immigration Canada regulations. For more information, contact hr_immigration@usask.ca.

3.3 Probation

All employees will serve a probationary period of 6 months. If during this period of time, the employee does not meet the expectations of the position, employment may be terminated as outlined in Item 13 – Termination of Employment. Probationary periods do not apply to casual or student appointments.